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It's like a social network from 1993

Remember the old days? Remember having a UNIX shell account? Remember exploring, hacking, tinkering, and playing? It's time to do that again — even if you never did it the first time!

RetroNET is a free UNIX shell account that includes developer tools, collaboration tools, and the experience of sharing a computer with your friends. You can party like it’s 1993!

Developer tools include gcc, perl, ruby, python, and more. Social tools include UNIX classics like finger, wall, write, IRC, and Net News (Usenet). Editors include vim, emacs, and pico.

Every account includes disk storage, HTML hosting (http://www.retronet.net/~yourname), and an email address (yourname@retronet.net)

RetroNET has been inspired by Paul Ford's awesome tilde.club, and the venerable SDF public access UNIX System. We encourage you to check them out.