Getting Access

Access to the RetroNET Netork is through an SSH gateway. Simply ssh to the host, using the username access

$ ssh

No password is necessary. From there, a simple menu system will guide you to log on to ficus, the host.

Menu System


The 3B2/400 system includes a standard System V Release 3 mail client, as well as the elm E-mail client.

Mailing from UUCP to the Internet

Mailing from UUCP to SMTP is a little tricky due to the nature of the beast. All mail has to pass through lilac, the UUCP to SMTP gateway, and all addresses must be in a format that System V Release 3 UUCP understands. The format for outbound E-mail addresses is:


So, for example, if you wanted to send an E-mail to, you would have to use the address lilac! from inside the UUCP network.

Mailing from the Internet to UUCP

This is much easier. Our gateway handles everything automatically. You simply need to send E-mail to <user-name>@<host> For example, if you wanted to E-mail me (sjm) on the host ficus, you would E-mail

Net News

The RetroNET Network has a small Net News feed that is completely local to the network. We use BNews and UUCP for distribution.

Two news readers, trn and nn are installed. Probably the easier of the two to use is trn.

The local Net News heirarchy is named retronet.*, for historical reasons.

The easiest way to get started is to create a file named .newsrc in your home directory, with the following contents:


Then, type nn or trn to start reading Net News.